5 Common Myths About Child Support Cases

Divorces or legal separations encompass a lot of other formalities which the couple have to deal with only afterwards. One of these is their child or children support.

Generally, the court will offer the custody of your child to one of the parents and the support may be taken care by one or both of them.

And to win the case in their favor, the parents may need to consult a child support attorney to help them. For instance, without a child support attorney in San Diego, you may not be able to obtain the support from your spouse who is hesitant in the matter.

But many times, the cases may not be too difficult, but you may come across some myths which are actually not true. Here is a list of some common myths attached to the child support cases:

Myth 1: Once A Verdict Is Made, It’s Final

Reality: Arrangements for a child support are always modifiable with time. For instance, if there is some change in your financial condition, some disability, or the financial needs of your child have changed, you could be eligible for a review.

Also, the non-custodial parent could also ask for a modification if the custodial parent tends to remarry or plans to have more children etc.

Myth 2: Child Support Liability Ends Once The Child Turns 18

Reality: This is also one of the common myths and you need to stop believing it.

Generally, the child support liability will continue even after the age of 18 if the child is still in the school or has some special needs. This may not be mentioned in the contract but you need to be sure about it.

For this, you can consult your state’s child support service for assistance. For instance, if you want assistance relating child support services in San Diego, you need to consult California’s best attorneys for their support.

Myth 3: Money Offered For Child Support Could Be Claimed

Reality: The one who pays for the child support is not liable for any tax benefits or claims. All these taxes are fully payable unless there is a child custody agreement.

Myth 4: Child Support Cases Are Handled At Federal Level

Reality: Against this, child support cases have no national guidelines and each state has its own rules and regulations.

Due to this, an expert child support attorney is very important to consult to know exactly how much is to be paid, mode of payment, late payment penalties and delinquencies etc.

Myth 5: Child Support Amount Will Only Benefit The Child

Reality: In fact, the child support you pay goes to the custodial parent and he/she decides its use.

Therefore, keeping proper documents of all that you pay is necessary so that you can call for a revision if you find any misuse of the funds.

Having known and understood these myths, you also need to know that the role of a child support attorney is very critical if you wish to avoid any future discrepancies.

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